Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Best Valentine’s day gift ideas for everyone

Get the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas ( Top 5 picks) for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, and husband. Get 3 tips on how you can make Valentine’s Day special for your lover.

Searching for the best Valentine’s Day gift?

Well, you are in the right place. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in life, and so there shall never be a day spent without your loved ones. But in the busy rush of life, one often forgets to show love to their loved ones and loses out on the real fun of life. Thanks to Valentine’s Day, it comes as a reminder to celebrate love and bring back affection in your life.

Valentine’s Day, also known as Love Day, is celebrated every year on February 14, which gives us a reason to reconnect with our loved ones and make our bond stronger by giving them a sentimental Valentine’s Day gift. But for the young people out there, it’s the perfect time of the year to express their love. Valentine’s Day is like the season of love. It’s the best time to make your special person feel special and loved, and what’s better than surprising them with a great Valentine’s Day gift?

Why should you give a gift to your loved one on Valentine’s Day?

Is it necessary?

If you think that giving a gift on Valentine’s Day is necessary to make your loved one feel special, then you are not all correct. Because Valentine’s Day is not only about giving gifts; it’s beyond that. It’s about giving Valentine’s Day gifts to your loved ones with the intention of making them feel special and loved.

It has become customary to celebrate this love day by giving Valentine’s Day gifts to your loved ones because giving gifts is one of the five languages of love. Many of us feel most loved when we give and receive gifts, so yeah, that makes Valentine’s Day gifts a thing.

Giving gifts on Valentine’s Day is about thanking the other person for being in your life and telling them how much they mean to you.

When it comes to our loved ones, we always look forward to doing the best for them, so you might wonder…

Valentine Couple

“How can I make Valentine’s Day special for my lover?”

Here are 3 tips for you that will make Valentine’s Day special for your lover:

  • Don’t share all your Valentine’s Day plans with them. Don’t make them think you are planning on something big. Act like you are making plans, but just casual ones. Let this be a surprise for them.
  • When you choose a Valentine’s Day gift, make sure you know what your valentine would love to get. So, be prepared for what’s going on in your bae’s life and what’s something that they need or would love to get. A meaningful gift chosen thoughtfully would mean so much more than an expensive gift.
  • Be well prepared in advance. If you need to book a table or order a gift online, do it early to avoid any late-time hassle, as everything gets booked pretty early in Valentine’s season. Don’t let this silly thing spoil your grand plans.

What is the best gift for Valentine’s Day?

This is what must be on your mind right now that you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your valentine. Well, to be honest, there is no universal answer to this.

The best Valentine’s Day gift is one that conveys your feelings to your loved one. A gift as small as a handwritten note or a fresh red rose would be as good as an expensive ring if given with love and good intentions.

What you choose as your Valentine’s Day gift can depend on how mature your relationship is, how well you both know each other, and your budget.

Otherwise, any gift given with love while keeping in mind your lover’s likings and preferences would make the best Valentine’s Day gift for them.

Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

Classic Valentine’s Day Gifts

There have been some classic Valentine’s Day gifts since old times that are bound to leave your Valentine swooning. It’s classic and will definitely work the best because it has been working ever since.

1- Cards

Valentines day cards

A card is a classic and sentimental Valentine’s Day gift. What makes a card a different and more personal gift is that you can express your feelings and emotions on it, making it more than just another gift.

Be it a handwritten note card or a printed card, make sure you fill it with your own words rather than going for some perfect internet-chosen love poem.

In fact, we would suggest that you always keep a card as a side Valentine’s Day gift, even when you choose some other gift for your loved one for Valentine’s Day.

2- Chocolates

Valentine's day chocolates

Chocolate has been a symbol of love, making it a classic and sweet Valentine’s Day gift. Who wouldn’t love receiving a box full of their favorite chocolates? Otherwise, if you are looking for a minimally classy gift for Valentine, gifting your lover’s favorite chocolate or a box of their favorite chocolates would do well.

Chocolate would be a good gift if you want to give more than a card and are too young to be spending a lot of money.

3- Flowers

Valentine's day flowers

Sending flowers is always seen as a sign of love and affection, making it clear that you care for them.

A single red rose would be the best way to express your eternal love for your valentine. But if you have given them that a lot of times and wish to do something different this time, go with other flowers.

Flowers bring peace and calm, making one feel good, especially when they come fresh with their fragrance. When it comes to flowers, we all have our favorites; just a sight of them makes us feel serene and happy instantly.

Giving flowers is an old-time custom, but it is still considered a grand gesture. So, send your lover their favorite flowers and make them feel special.

4- Jewelry

Valentines gift jewelry

Jewelry, needless to mention, is an apple of the eye for all women. Mostly because it adds to their beauty and makes them feel more beautiful. A small pendant or ring would make a classic Valentine’s Day gift that your lover can keep safe their entire life.

You can make jewelry more special for them by getting it personalized with their initials.

Unique valentine’s day gifts

Classic gifts are great, but if you’ve already gifted your valentine all of those in the past and are looking for something different and unique for this valentine, then here’s a list of unique valentine gift ideas.

1- Heart Leaf Hoya

Hoya plant
Image credit:

This beautiful plant with a heart-shaped leaf is going to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for your plant-lover Valentine. This succulent is a cute plant that would certainly convey your love with its special heart-shaped leaves. This Hoya plant would be a perfect symbol that love has its roots in nature.

Check it out here.

2: A customized photo book

Valentines gift Photo Album
Image credit:

What’s better than giving a bundle of beautiful moments spent together that you both want to preserve forever? This gift would mean something special to both of you, not just your partner. Gather all your favorite photos from your favorite vacations and date nights, and assemble them in a photo book creatively. You can even add short notes to the album to mention your favorite talks from the stills, making it a perfect revisit of the good old days. This gift is sure to be special, and you both will definitely preserve it.

If you love this idea but are short on time, you can place an order for a custom photo book from Shuterfly here.

3. Frame your favorite picture.

Valentine's couple photo frame

That one picture of you two that’s their favorite—print it, frame it, and gift it to your loved one. Seeing their favorite picture in a bigger frame will make them feel the love again.

Don’t forget to pair it up with a good, heartfelt, handwritten note.

4: Customize a gift

Personalized valentines day gift

Personalizing a gift never gets old. Whatever is your bae’s favorite—a pillow, a phone case, or a blanket—get it customized with a picture of you two together and gift it to them as a Valentine’s Day gift. It will make a sentimental and unique Valentine’s Day gift.

These were some unique Valentine’s day gift ideas. We know that now you must be wondering what exactly to gift your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband?…

So, here’s a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, and husband

Valentines gift for girlfriend

Whether you have a new relationship or it’s a long one, your girlfriend deserves a cute Valentine’s Day gift that will make her feel special. Here are our top 5 picks for Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends.

1- Lover Hamper

Valentines gift for girlfriend| Lover Hamper
Image credit: IGP

This cute lover hamper from IGP is everything you would want to give your valentine. It has freshly picked roses, gypsos, walnut brownies, and a customized mug. The red, blooming roses are sure to convey your love to your girlfriend. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift package

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2- Cuddles in a Box

Valentines gift for girlfriend| cuddle box
Image credit: IGP

Girls love teddies, and this transparent box holding two small teddies makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift under budget. Send your girl these two cute teddies and tell her how cute she is to you. This affordable gift with two cute teddies is sure to capture her heart.

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3-  Red Roses with Vase

Valentines gift for girlfriend| Red Rise Vase
Image credit:

Why give your girl a single rose that would last a day if you can give her an entire vase with roses? This lovely vase with the “You & Me ” sticker and “I Love You” message makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend.

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4- Women’s Cuff Bracelet

Valentines gift for girlfriend| Women Cuff Bracelet
Image credit: IGP

This personalized bracelet will go with casual wear as well as on special occasions. It’s beautifully made with a gold finish, making your girl never want to take it off. If your girl loves accessories, she would love this as a gift.

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5-  Special Truffle Chocolate

Valentines gift for girlfriend| Truffle chocolate
Image credit:

Last but not least, give this tasty truffle of chocolate to your girlfriend as a token of love this Valentine’s Day. This chocolate box has rich and creamy luxury chocolates. The best gift for your sweet tooth girl is that she can get the chocolate flavors like coconut truffle, cardamom truffle, coffee truffle, nutty truffle, raisin truffle, and butterscotch truffle in this truffle.

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Valentines gift for wife

Finding a gift for your better half is different from buying a gift for a girlfriend because your relationship becomes more mature with time and you both become more practical in life. So, here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your wife that she would love.

1- Floral Hearts Pendant

Valentines gift for wife| Hearts Pendant
Image credit: IGP

This is a pretty pendant with heart-shaped petals. This pendant can be opened to form a single line of attached hearts, making it the perfect minimal Valentine’s Day gift for your wife.

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2-  Quilt Finish Sling Bag

Valentine gift for wife| Sling Bag
Image credit: IGP

Does your wife have a love for bags? Well, many women do. Every occasion demands a different bag, and adding a sleek black bag would only make her happier. This black beauty is a clutch that can be made into a sling using a metal Belcher link chain. It will be perfect for both formal and casual wear.

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3- Heart-Shaped Cake Rosette

Valentine gift for wife| Cake Rosette
Image credit: IGP

So, your wife loves cakes and likes to keep them minimal on Valentine’s Day? This Heart-Shaped Pink Love Cake Rosette, a 500 mg cake with a heart design of flowers on top, will definitely make her feel special. Surprise her with this cake and a handwritten note. She would love cutting the cake with you and enjoying her time with you.

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4- Fragrant Candles

valentines gift for wife| Fragrant Candles
Image credit: IGP

Does your wife love to have a good atmosphere at home with scented candles? Here’s Fragrant Candles in Reusable Personalized Tin Jars.

This set of two scented candles comes in two reusable tins, making it usable even after using these candles once. You can even make it more special for her by personalizing it with her and your name. You both can use these to plan a dinner date at home some day to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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5-  Love Connection Caricature Stand

valentine gift for wife| Caricature Stand
Image credit: IGP

This is a Love Connection personalized caricature stand.

Give her a caricature of you two, showing her how much you love being with her in this relationship. She can keep it on the tabletop, and it will keep reminding her of Valentine’s Day. Make it special for her.

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Valentines gift for boyfriend

When we talk of giving gifts on Valentine’s Day, we generally think of boys giving gifts to their girlfriends, not the other way around. But that’s not right; boys too like to receive gifts; after all, everyone likes to feel appreciated and pampered for. Even though they would never ask you for it out loud,

But we understand that, unlike girls, there are not many gift options that come to mind when searching for a gift for your boyfriend.

Here’s a list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends:

1-  Keychain

valentines gift for boyfriend| Keychain
Image credit: Amazon

Possessive about your boyfriend? Nevertheless, let your boyfriend know how much you love him with this “My Man” keychain. Reading the cute note on this keychain will definitely give butterflies to your boyfriend’s stomach, and he will feel appreciated and loved, just like you wanted.

This keychain makes a small but great Valentine’s Day gift.

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2- Handmade Leather diary

Valentines gift for boyfriend| Leather diary
Image credit: Amazon

Dating a nerd? Well, here’s a perfect gift for your boyfriend who has a love for reading and writing. Anyone who is into writing adores a new diary, especially when it’s traditionally crafted and handmade with love.

This vintage-looking diary with a metal lock gives it a precious look, making it the perfect gift for an old-school boyfriend.

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3- Gold Rose

Valentines gift for husband| Gold Rose
Image credit: Amazon

If you are looking for a minimal and meaningful gift for your boyfriend, then this beautiful rose makes a good gift. This rose would last for eternity. It’s simple, but it would convey your feelings well. It comes with a well-made carry bag that gives it a special look. Give this to your boyfriend, and he will preserve it forever. Boys, too, love getting a rose.

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4- Pen Stand 

Valentines gift for boyfriend| Pen Stand
Image credit: Amazon

So, your boyfriend is organized and loves to do things on time? Here’s a perfect gift for your punctual boyfriend that he would love because it would tell him how much you know him and care about his interests. This is a pen stand that’s also a calendar and a table watch. All in one. Plus, you can personalize it with your boyfriend’s name.

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5-Black Cuff Bracelet

Valentines gift for boyfriend| Cuff Bracelet
Image credit: IGP

This is a men’s black cuff bracelet with a personal touch for your boyfriend. It is black in color, which makes it fit for casual wear and every occasion too. You can personalize it with your boyfriend’s name, making it even more special for him.

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Valentines gift for husband

One transition that happens in boys once they move from “boyfriend” status to “husband” status is that they become more responsible towards you and your relationship. That makes it even more necessary to celebrate their effort by making them feel loved. They deserve some appreciation, just like you do.

Here are 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your husband:

1- Tumbler

Valentines gift for husband| Tumbler
Image credit: IGP

Give your man this useful stainless steel tumbler. Matte black in color, this tumbler comes with a spill-proof lid and has a capacity of 320 ml. “Hubby” engraved on this tumbler makes it a perfect husband gift. You can personalize it with his name; it can be engraved at the back.

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2- Chocolicious Loaded Gift Tray

Valentines gift for husband| Gift Tray
Image credit: IGP

If your husband has a sweet tooth, he would love to get this loaded collection of chocolates. Moreover, this tray contains 2 premium couverture chocolate bars, center-filled cookies, choco-coated almonds, and kulfi and strawberry-flavored dragees. This would make a great treat for your husband.

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3- Wooden Desk Organizer

Valentines gift for husband| Desk Organizer
Image credit: IGP

This wooden desk organizer makes another practical and useful gift for your husband. Help your husband declutter his desk with this tray, where you can keep your specs and use it as a coaster. You can make it special for your husband by personalizing it with his favorite quote.

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4- Wallet N Key Chain

Valentines gift for husband| Wallet and Key Chain
Image credit:

What bags are to women is what wallets are to men. It’s their thing. Give your man this leather wallet with a brass metal keychain this Valentine’s Day. This is a Wenz Premium Pure Leather Men’s Wallet with a brass metal antique sand timer key chain.

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5- “Why I Love You” Cards

Valentines gift for husband| Love cards
Image credit:

How often do you compliment your husband? Or do you two get enough time to talk to each other, like you used to before you got married? Maybe, but not often because of the busy schedule. This gift is your chance to rekindle the old spark in your relationship. This contains 35 cards that are bound to make your partner smile anytime they open them.

Give your husband the gift of appreciation. He would love it; it would be a different gift.

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Now that you have some idea about what a classic Valentine’s Day gift is and what a unique Valentine’s Day gift is, you can go for the one that feels right to you. Make sure you make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one by surprising them with an unexpected gift. Don’t forget to send them a self-written note.

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